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Personal Guidance-Custom Designs-Unparalleled Support

The Pool Consultant

Pool Bid Assessments

With my knowledge and experience in pool construction I can help you

-Compare bids, apples to apples

- Assess real construction value

-Review proposed pool designs for proper function, construction, durability

-Provide industry insider knowledge of builder reputation

-Quality control inspections available*


Vision Planning

Not ready to build but want to take concrete steps forward to bring your vision to life? 

-Design Consultation

- Ready to use, custom designed construction plans 

- True, up-to-date cost of construction assessment

-Informative literature to prepare you for the DIY construction process



D-I-Y Pool Construction

Building your own pool is possible and you can save THOUSANDS...but without the right help, a nightmare! This package will equip you with:

-custom designed construction plans

-start to finish consultation

-insider connections to quality sub-contractors

-access to wholesale pool equipment

 -permit and HOA assistance



Home Builder Assistance

Do you have a client that wants you to build a new pool to go with their new home?

You don't have to go it alone.  With my 20+ years of pool construction experience and industry contacts, I can guide you through this process to help ensure your first build is a success!  I will customize a package that can suit your needs.  Increase your profits by adding a pool to your home build!

-meet with clients for design consultation

- custom plans

-industry contacts

-order of construction education

- ongoing  support

-quality control inspections

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Why You Need

The Pool Consultant

Why I became a consultant

         The nightmares of pool construction are far too common. The dream of having a backyard paradise gets bombarded with road blocks created by empty promises, construction delays, unrealistic expectations, poor communication and site supervision, unexpected expenses, and long lines to get started if you can even get a builder to call you back!   Sound familiar?

         My name is Mikah Stanley. I have 20 years experience as a pool builder in the DFW area.  I have also owned and operated a pool service and repair company for 15 years. I have personally cleaned thousands of pools and I understand how pools operate.  Also, I have owned and operated a pool sub-contractor company installing pool plumbing and pool steel. I have a passion for teaching and a desire to change the experience of building a pool, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a builder to handle it for you. I want to be your trusted friend in the pool construction process.

         FACT: There is no license to be a Pool Builder in many states!

         In all of my experience, one thing rings don't know you have a good pool builder until you've picked a bad one, then it's often too late.  I want to keep this from happening by helping you to have realistic expectations in understand the process of construction and all that could happen. If you want to hire a builder, please do your homework! However, reading reviews can only tell you so much. I can provide you with a review of your potential builder from within the industry. Does your builder pay his subs fairly and on time? If not, you could end up with liens on your house. Does your builder have credit accounts in good standing with supply warehouses? If not, you may be left without all of your pool equipment.  What is your builder's reputation among industry colleagues? Often there is much going on behind the scenes that the general public doesn't see. These are just a few of the ways I can vet your potential pool builder. 


Do you have what it takes to build your own pool?

          If I'm being honest here, the answer is maybe. It's possible that anyone could build their own, but not all may be up for the challenges.  It takes a vision and an ability to communicate that to a designer, obtain detailed and scaled construction plans,  spare time to file your permits, a heavy dose of persistence to call all of the sub-contractors and collect pricing and get scheduled, a willingness to inspect the work completed, be adequately funded and pay the subs quickly, patience with industry and weather delays, etc.  What do you get in exchange for all this hard work?  A sense of control over your project, a sense of accomplishment as you witness your paradise coming to life,  and last but certainly not least THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS SAVED!  Choosing to invest in  the Build Your Own Pool package can give you all the tools you need to be your own builder, and do it successfully!

Not ready to build just yet but eager to turn your vision into a plan?


         Anytime is the right time to take your dream backyard and make a plan!  Together, you and I will meet, discuss everything you've been thinking about, and I will create a design and set of construction plans.  Additionally I will share with you what to expect for your budget and what you can expect from the DIY construction process once you start.  Building a pool is a HUGE investment and taking your time to prepare is a smart thing to do! 

Help for Pool Guys and Homebuilders


        Are you a successful business man in pool maintenance or home construction and one of your loyal clients wants you to build a pool for them at the new house?  EXCITING!  I've been there and I know it can also be scary.  Don't worry, I'm here to help.   I can provide custom construction plans, suggest equipment lists, industry contacts, ongoing personal guidance, help with permitting, insider tips and advice to keep your clients happy! I want to help you not need me anymore. Whatever your level of need is, we can come up with a fairly priced option to help you get your pool construction business going!


Help for Victims of Pool Construction Fraud


       ALWAYS FREE to those in need. If you have been a victim of a fly-by-night pool "builder" who has taken your money and left you with less than a complete pool or has done shoddy work, I will help!  I will visit your site, perform thorough inspections, provide you with professional written evaluation, and cost of damage or cost of completion analysis for insurance or the authorities. If needed, I can connect you with reliable contractors to repair or complete your work.

Customized Options Available

If you are interested in my services but the options above don't exactly suit your situation, let's customize a package to help you achieve your goals! I am committed to helping you build with confidence, gully equip and educate you in this process, provide connection to my industry contracts, and help you keep your projects moving quickly with quality workmanship.  I can also teach you how to care for your pool so that you can enjoy years of your backyard paradise!


With The Pool Consultant on your side, you can be confident to build your pool!

Contact The Pool Consultant
Serving North Texas, East Tennessee, and beyond!

In person, onsite consultation is preferred for the most accurate plan development. Virtual meetings are available.

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Why You Need
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